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This is the first comment added to the BCHS website. Please add your own comments.

The BCHS Facebook site is great, and it should be your first choice for comments. This website is better than the Facebook page in some ways, including:

* Easier to find things. The search box located on the Home page of this site automatically indexes everything on this website.
*More permanence. As new things are posted to Facebook, the older information scrolls to the bottom and tends to be forgotten.

Note that the “Website” block below lets you place a link to your business or personal website. This can be a link to your Facebook account if you like.

You can get the address of your Facebook page by copying the address of your Facebook main page, and then pasting it wherever you want. For example, the page for the BCHS 70 Facebook group is:

Facebook addresses are pretty long (a flaw in Facebook design), but not to worry. You don’t need to type it, just copy it and past it where you want it.

Jerry, please add Bolen, Venetsi ‘69 War to our class list. Would it be easier if I sent you a new class list?

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