This website has three purposes:

  1. To support the 50th BCHS reunion, scheduled for June 12-13, 2020.
  2. To serve as a sort of online yearbook for the Class of 1970 and others who may be interested.
  3. To help BCHS alumni who are organizing reunions for other years. This is why the site name is bchsreunions.org, not bchsreunion70.org.

How You Can Help

  • Add your comments. We have multiple Updates/Discussion Sections, including General Discussions and Teacher Tributes. Each has a lead-off post, with room for comments underneath it. Facebook has a comment function, but it may be easier to find old comments here. Further, Most people not already on the excellent BCHS group Jane Ellen operates will probably find this much website easier to locate through Google, etc., after Google indexes it.
  • Send pictures for publication at this site. If you can’t send them in Internet-usable format JPG, GIF, PDF, etc., send paper versions. I will scan them and post as I have time to do so.
  • Post pictures yourself at the BCHS Flickr site. I have set up a BCHS photo site at Flickr.com. You can post photos there yourself. People will be able to locate it through this site or directly. I have posted just a few photos there to get it started. I’ll be circulating the password soon so members of the Class of 70 can add their own.
  • Give me your ideas. How can I can improve this site?
  • Encourage people you know who have websites to include links to this site. The more links to this site, the higher it will rank on Google and other search engines. This will make it easier for people to locate this site.
  • Money–Not to bother. This site’s expenses are covered. If you have money to donate to support the reunion, send it to the address on registration forms.

If you have organized an event like this, you know that the organizers often get stuck with a loss (not enough attendees to cover meeting site costs, etc.). The organizers have done great work on this. Help them out.

Jerry Lawson