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Teacher Tributes

Teacher Tribute: Vickie Bivens, Guidance Counselor

BCHS guidance counselor Vickie Bivens changed my life. She may even have saved my life. 

My family didn’t have much money. My father worked as a coal miner when he was not laid off, nor hurt in one accident or another. 

Further, my family did not exactly have a grand academic tradition. My father was not the world’s greatest student. He dropped out in junior high school to go to work. His family considered this a smart move. Who needs education, anyway? My mother graduated from high school and this was considered a big achievement. With the exception of one uncle who got a college diploma while in the Navy, I didn’t know anyone in my extended family who had even attended college, let alone graduated.

Because of this tradition and the lack of money, I thought college was something for other people, not people like me. I didn’t apply to any colleges. My only career plan was to enlist in the Army after graduating from high school. Further, I decided I would volunteer to serve in the infantry. This was not exactly the safest plan for a young man during the Vietnam war, but I felt like if my country was in a fight, I wanted to go where the need was greatest.

My patriotic sentiments were not unusual for that part of the country at that time. West Virginians died at a disproportionate rate in Vietnam. According to the West Virginia Encyclopedia, West Virginia citizens had a death rate of 8.41 per 10,000 residents for the war as a whole compared to the national rate of 5.89.

I never approached Ms. Bivens because I thought it would be a waste of time for somebody from my family. Late in the spring of our senior year she casually asked me which college I would attend, I told her about my career plan. Though it was late in the admissions season, she called people she knew at Concord College and arranged a financial aid package for me.

Vickie Bivens did right by me and many other BCHS students, and we are grateful to her.

Photos: General

Photos: General

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Teacher Tributes

Fred Schrom–Other Views

Fred Schrom (right) accepting National Wrestling Hall of Fame induction plaque

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction comments.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph comments.

Register Herald Newspaper comments.

Teacher Tributes

Fred Schrom

Fred Schrom was my wrestling coach in my sophomore and junior years. It was big to me when Mr. Schrom used me to demonstrate a wrestling move at a school assembly. We had great athletes on that team like Louis Billips and Dave Dillon. Thanks to them, the team had a record of 10-1-1. I was not in their league and I knew it. When Mr. Schrom used me in the demo, it meant a lot to me. I was not as good as my star teammates–but I was good enough to be on the same team.

The confidence I gained through wrestling has helped me all the rest of my life, in everything I’ve done. I might lose, and lose bad, but I’ll compete against anyone.

My parents went through a divorce my senior year. I dropped off the team because I didn’t have the money to buy a pair of sneakers. Fred Schrom offered to buy me a pair of shoes, but I couldn’t take his money.

Fred Schrom was a hero to me and he made a big difference in my life.

Jerry Lawson

50 Year Reunion

Reunion Flyer

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BCHS Reunion Flyer
Teacher Tributes

Teacher Tributes

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Class Photos-1970

Class of 1970 Photos

Photos from Class of 70 Yearbook, organized in alphabetical order by page:

  1. Thelma Adams – Kim Beavers
  2. Roger Beavers – Wilma Bowman
  3. Bonnie Brewer – Gail Cole
  4. Debbie Coleman – Debby Dale
  5. Terry Dameron – Henrietta Duncan
  6. Clayton Dye – Mary Hale
  7. Ernie Hamilton – Debbie Logan
  8. Pat McGee – Tommy Mullins
  9. David Mullins – Clifford Pennington
  10. Ernestine Perry – Debbie Sparks
  11. Linda Sparks – Jowana Stutso
  12. Thomas Tartt – Darlene Whitt
  13. Mary Whitt – Conrad Woody

The Class Roster in text format is also available.


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